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    Butterfly ballot
    The form of ballot used in Palm Beach County, consisting of two leaves in book form, with chad to be punched out from the center; using with the Votomatic system.

    Canvassing Board
    The local officials responsible for administering and certifying the election results on a county level in Florida.

    Official designation of the winner of an election.

    Small pieces of a punchcard ballot that are intended to detach from the ballot when punched with a stylus by a voter. Chad that does not detach fully can either be tri chad (detached in only one corner), swinging chad (detached in two corners), or hanging chad (detached in three corners). Dimpled chad and a pregnant punch show some evidence of indentation but have not detached from the ballot.

    Circuit Court
    The trial or entry-level court of general jurisdiction in Florida.

    A challenge to the legality of the result of an election.

    Two meanings in Florida: voters, and those appointed to the Electoral College.

    Equal protection
    The guarantee of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States that states may not draw arbitrary or invidious distinctions between people.

    Manual recount
    A recount of votes by hand inspection.

    Overvoted ballot
    A ballot on which the voter chose more than one candidate for president.

    A challenge to the accuracy or correctness of the tabulation of votes in an election.

    Punch-card ballot
    Form of ballot in which voter indicates choices by punching out chad; used by approximately 1/3 of U.S. voters.

    Sunlight test
    An approach to evaluate a punch-card ballot during a manual recount in which the counting teams determine whether sunlight can be seen through the perimeter of the chad.

    Undervoted ballot
    A ballot on which the voter did not choose a candidate for president (according to machine reading).

    Vote dilution
    Claim that a manipulation of election rules or practices has resulted in loss of effect or significance that otherwise would have been given to the votes of a group of people.

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